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This is a seventh draft (earlier drafts went back to 1994), the second rewrite of a sixth draft, and is pretty much the basis of the 2002 version of Closetspace. This script differs quite a bit from earlier drafts of Closetspace as the sixth draft was completely rewritten from scratch. While some scenes exist, others were completely rewritten and others deleted.

Many scenes were moved around, most were greatly expanded. Dad was named Jack, Mother had been named Molly. The Dad/Carrie confrontation is now Carrie-driven. Unfortunately, while writing this draft, I moved to Pennsylvania and forgot about it until June of 1997, when I began work on it again. Once we were laid off, I left the draft unfinished. Material significantly changed or added to this draft from the 5th Draft is in bolded font.

Closetspace "Roommate Wanted" Written by Jennifer Dolari with Dov Sherman. Drawn by Jennifer Dolari (c) 1997 Jennifer Dolari
PAGE 1 - EXTERIOR - PARK - DAY PANEL 1 - An OLD MAN cranks an antique Gramophone in the park, but instead of an old vinyl record playing an even older ragtime number, there is an enclosed CD playing loudly through the large funnel speaker. PANEL 2 - The Old Man looks up over to two older women, WOMAN 1 and WOMAN 2, feeding pigeons in front of a statue spewing water high into the air. Woman 1 is slim and short haired, Woman 2 is a bit bulkier, with longer wavy hair. The two look very content, but are also a bit stiff, as if they have been waiting too long in the cold wind for someone. Snow gently drifts down from above. PANEL 3 - The Old Man smiles to himself, happy at seeing such fine "young" women on exhibit in the park. The ragtime music continues to play from his CD/Gramophone. PANEL 4 - Woman 2, turns to talk to Woman 1, who continues to feed the pigeons absentmindedly. WOMAN 2 (slightly irritated) It's been over an hour...she's not coming, is she? PANEL 5 - Woman 1 turns to face Woman 2 with a look of surprise. WOMAN 1 Patience...patience. PAGE 2 - EXTERIOR - PARK - DAY (CONT.) PANEL 6 - Woman 1 goes back to feeding the pigeons. In the background, a hover car flies past. WOMAN 2 It's too cold for me to be patient. PANEL 7 - The old man looks up as WOMAN 3 runs into the frame. She's about the same age as Woman 1 and Woman 2, somewhat short, with straight as an arrow hair, wearing very dark clothes and a necklace consisting of a talon holding a black obsidian ball. She's very happy over the notebook held under her arm. Woman 1 seems very happy to see her! WOMAN 1 (ecstatically) SWEETIE!!! PANEL 8 - Woman 1 jumps up, hugging Woman 3 with all her might, Woman 2 simply looks up with a slight smile. PANEL 9 - Woman 1, held almost romantically by Woman 3, looks expectantly up at Woman 3. WOMAN 2 Mmmm...hiya, sweetie. PANEL 10 - Woman 3, kissing Woman 2, blindly drops the notebook into Woman 2's unexpecting hands. WOMAN 3 (off panel) Enjoy...mmm.... PAGE 3 - EXTERIOR - PARK - DAY (CONT.) PANEL 11 - Woman 2 opens the book and is happily surprised by what she sees. Woman 3 is still holding Woman 1, who is nuzzling her neck. WOMAN 2 (happily) My god! You found it! PANEL 12 - Woman 3 sits next to Woman 2 as Woman 1 clings lovingly to Woman 3. WOMAN 3 (pointing to Woman 1) Not really...she made sure I had doubles of all your old prints. So when you lost them, I always had copies... (beat) ...I simply never bothered to look for them until it was too late. PANEL 13 - The book is open to the first page, on it is a picture of CARRIE, a young shapely woman with short light reddish hair in a respectful "cheesecake" shot. PANEL 14 - Woman 1 looks into the picture book with a slight smile. PAGE 4 - INTERIOR - BEDROOM - DAY PANEL 15 - Inside of a stark white room, with boxes strewn around, sits AMY, a slightly chunky young alternative/goth girl with shoulder length straight hair. She's supremely pissed at her roommate, ALLISON, who is standing behind her, obviously worried about her roommates attitude. ALLISON Was it something I said? Something I did? PANEL 16 - Amy tries her best to talk calmly and regain her composure as she turns around to talk to Allison. She keeps her eyes closed, afraid that even SEEING her would cause her to fly into a rage again. AMY (deadpan) You should be a little more honest with your roommates. ALLISON (obviously worried) Honest? What haven't I been honest about? PAGE 4 (CONT.) - EXTERIOR - OUTSIDE OF HOUSE - DAY PANEL 17 - The outside of Allison's shared household is a somewhat plain two story building, typical of the kind found in Suburbia USA. In the driveway as a red convertible, with it's top down and boxes littering the backseat and trunk. Amy is putting another box into the backseat as Allison looks out to her from the front patio. AMY It means I've found your pictures.... PANEL 18 - Amy turns to face Allison who is halfway to her car. AMY (cont.) ...and now I know who you are. PANEL 19 - As Amy turns back to her car, Allison looks down in shame. PAGE 5 - EXTERIOR - OUTSIDE OF HOUSE - DAY (CONT.) PANEL 20 - Amy looks up, shocked as Allison puts her hand on Amy's shoulder. Allison looks up again, past Amy's shoulder, apologetically. ALLISON If you'd just let me explain. I think we'd be able to-- PANEL 21 - Amy swivels around, slapping Allison hard. AMY (shouting) DON'T TOUCH ME! PANEL 22 - Amy turns back to her car, grabbing her keys. AMY I'll come back to get the rest of my stuff as soon as I can stomach the idea of ever seeing you again. PANEL 23 - Allison watches Amy peel out of her driveway. Allison is far away, worried and pensive all at once. PANEL 24 - CLOSE UP of Allison's worried face. ALLISON And rent's due in a week.... PAGE 6 - EXTERIOR - ANOTHER HOUSE - DAY PANEL 25 - Looking down at a modest suburban two story house, we see a family station wagon beginning to pull into the driveway. In one of the windows we see a young fifteen year old girl, BECKY, bending over another silhouette. BECKY (off screen) Here, try a little of this... PAGE 6 (CONT.) - INTERIOR - BECKY'S ROOM - DAY PANEL 26 - Becky and CARRIE, who is wearing the same outfit as in the picture, are staring into a mirror connected to a desk splayed with cosmetics. As Carrie tries on a shade of lipstick, Becky looks at Carrie's reflection with an artist's eye. BECKY I don't know...that shade looks a little too purple for your skin tone. PANEL 27 - As Becky turns to Carrie to check her makeup, the window behind them shows the station wagon parking in the driveway CARRIE Purple? There's purple in this? Where? BECKY You can't see any colors at all, can you? PANEL 28 - Becky "poinks" the tip of Carrie's nose with a jabbing finger. Her other hand is reaching for a camera on a nearby nightstand. BECKY Even the ones who like dressing like women. PANEL 29 - Carrie looks back into the mirror, finishing up her lipstick with a different color. CARRIE Cut me some slack, Sis. At least I'm trying to DO something with my looks. PAGE 6 (CONT.) - EXTERIOR - DRIVEWAY OF CARRIE'S HOUSE - DAY PANEL 30 - DAD, a strong burly man with short cropped hair gets out of his car. A strong military man, he stiffly gets out of his car, with the straightest posture known to man, holding a toolchest of immense proportions in his right hand, and a bucket of "Grandma's Fried Chicken" and a gallon of Ice Cream in his left. Staring up at Becky's window, he sees his lovely daughter. He smiles proudly at her. BECKY Well then, you'll need to learn more than color co-ordination and makeup. PAGE 7 - INTERIOR - BECKY'S ROOM - DAY PANEL 31 - Becky is now holding out the camera, waiting to take a picture of her "sister." Becky looks a little unsure about this whole predicament and the uneasiness is vaguely showing on her face. Her words are wavering and unsure BECKY're as good as I can make you. (beat) You sure you wanna do this? PANEL 32 - Carrie is impatient, she's been waiting for this picture a long time. CARRIE (excitedly) Yes! Yes! YES! PANEL 33 - Carrie through the viewfinder of the camera. BECKY One...two...hold tight... PANEL 34 - This panel takes up the rest of the page. This is the picture from PANEL 13, expanded out to fill the frame. BECKY (off screen) Three! PAGE 7 - INTERIOR - KITCHEN OF CARRIE'S HOUSE - DAY PANEL 35 - Dad happily kicks the door closed, causing a loud bang and some pottery to fall to the floor, shattering. PAGE 7 (CONT.) - INTERIOR - BECKY'S ROOM - DAY PANEL 36 - Carrie and Becky hear the loud crash and look towards their own closed door in surprise. BECKY AND CARRIE (surprised) DAD! PAGE 8 - INTERIOR - BECKY'S ROOM - DAY (CONT.) PANEL 37 - Becky bolts up as Carrie slowly rises. She seems to be thinking something over, as if it's time to get something off her chest to her family. Becky, however, is busy trying to save Carrie's butt. BECKY (hurriedly) Jason, get that crap off your face before Dad sees you! CARRIE Becky...maybe I should tell them. PANEL 38 - Dad puts down the bucket of Grandma's Chicken on the kitchen table...he's got a warm smile for such a huge Herculean man. BECKY (off screen) ARE YOU NUTS?! DAD (loud and proud) KIDS?! PAGE 8 (CONT.) - INTERIOR - CORRIDOR OUTSIDE OF BECKY'S ROOM - DAY PANEL 39 - Becky's head is popping out of Carrie's door with an extremely fake smile plastered on it. BECKY Be right there, Dad! PAGE 8 (CONT.) - INTERIOR - BECKY'S ROOM - DAY PANEL 40 - Carrie looks in the mirror despondently as Becky tries to ramrod some sense into her. Becky is almost downright angry at her for even thinking such a thing as telling Dad. CARRIE No, really, Sis. I think it's time I told Mom and Dad. BECKY You do that and we'll BOTH get in trouble, and you know that. PANEL 41 - Dad comes lumbering up the stairs to his kids bedroom. He's holding a gallon of Tin Roof Ice cream in one hand. DAD (loudly) BECKERS! SON! GOT SOMETHIN' FOR YAS! PAGE 9 - INTERIOR - BECKY'S ROOM - DAY PANEL 42 - Becky tears back for the door, talking down to Carrie. BECKY You just get the hell outta that outfit and say "Hi" to Dad, or he'll get suspicious. PANEL 43 - Carrie, worried, thinks over the proposition. PAGE 9 (CONT.) - INTERIOR - CORRIDOR OUTSIDE OF BECKY'S ROOM - DAY PANEL 44 - Becky runs towards dad down the hallway, arms outstretched like a five year old. BECKY Daaaaaaaaaaadddddddyyyyyyyy!!!!! PANEL 45 - The Ex-Marine picks up his daughter with one hand, propping her on his shoulder like she was only a five pound sack of sugar. BECKY (sweetly) How was your day, Daddy? DAD My day? Well... PAGE 10 - EXTERIOR - EMPTY CLEARING IN THE WOODS - DAY PANEL 46 - A group of local Veterans of Foreign War members stand around the foundations of a clubhouse ready for building. The members are ad-libbing "...where's Jack?" "He's got all our materials!" and so on. PANEL 47 - A particularly OLDER MAN, wearing a cap embroidered with the Vietnam Duty Ribbon points of in the distance. To him , it's as if Superman has come over the ridge. OLDER MAN It's HIM! PAGE 10 (CONT.) - EXTERIOR - HILLTOP NEAR CLEARING - DAY PANEL 48 - Dad (Jack) stands triumphantly up the hill, with a stackload of wood held under each of his arms. He stands before them a superhuman warrior, with the entire sky replaced with Old Glory herself. PAGE 10 (CONT.) - EXTERIOR - CLEARING IN THE WOODS - DAY PANEL 49 - With ungodly speed, Dad runs into the clearing, leaving a speed streak behind him. PANEL 50 - There is now a "cloud" of dust among the mob as Dad works on the new hall. PAGE 11 - EXTERIOR - CLEARING IN THE WOODS - DAY PANEL 51 - As the dust clears, Dad stands in front of the new hall, doing an American Gladiator's pose. The hall is exquisite, finely detailed in architecture Frank Lloyd Wright would be jealous of, and is topped off with a large "Legion of Foreign Wars #322" sign overhead. PANEL 52 - The Older Man and the throng behind him raise their hands, fists, crutches, and flags in a cheer to the new hall and Dad. PANEL 53 - Dad holds the door to the new hall open and ushers the members in. PAGE 11 (CONT.) - INTERIOR - CORRIDOR OUTSIDE OF BECKY'S ROOM. PANEL 54 - Becky, still sitting on her father's huge shoulder, looks skeptical as Dad finishes his story DAD And THAT is how today went. (beat) Now let's go get your brother. PANEL 55 - Becky looks worried as her jovial father reaches for the door to Becky's room. CARRIE In here, Dad.... PANEL 56 - Becky and Dad both look shocked at the sight they see in Becky's Bedroom PANEL 57 - Carrie is still deep in thought, and mutters a meek... CARRIE Hello, Dad... PAGE 12 - INTERIOR - NEWSPAPER EDITOR'S OFFICE - DAY PANEL 58 - A large burly man dressed in a button down shirt with it's sleeves pulled up, and a poker visor over his face. He is a quintessential NEWSPAPER EDITOR and he's taking a call for an ad. He seems to be concentrating hard, as if the newspaper presses in the background a bit too loud for him to hear effectively. EDITOR So, that's "Single White Female, seeks Single White Male for roommate to share heating vents? Needs one months tent trumped up?" (beat) Sorry lady, we're a family paper! PAGE 12 (CONT.) - INTERIOR - ALLISON'S LIVING ROOM - DAY PANEL 59 - Allison, with a resigned look on her face, as if swatting flies from her face that never seem to go away, is arguing with the Editor. It seems to be a losing battle. ALLISON No! They're both female... (beat) BOTH! PANEL 60 - Allison leans back in her chair. According to her expression, the battle is turning her way. ALLISON"ROOM and RENT!" Yes...Yes... (beat) That's "one month's rent up front!" (beat) "Front!" PAGE 12 (CONT.) - INTERIOR - NEWSPAPER EDITOR'S OFFICE PANEL 61 - The Newspaper Editor no longer seems to be paying any attention to Allison on the other end, but is reading tomorrow's headlines. The headline on the paper reads "Drug Use on Rise." EDITOR Okay, that'll be $100 for two weeks run... (beat) Charge it to your account? PANEL 62 - The Editor swivels around to an old dilapidated computer screen, pulling up an even more ancient database. EDITOR Oh, you're that lady who runs all them interior decorating ads, ain'tcha? (beat) Okay, it's been know you've got quite a bill charged up here already... PAGE 13 - INTERIOR - ALLISON'S LIVING ROOM - DAY PANEL 63 - Allison looks dismayed, as if she wants to end the phone call quickly...which she does. ALLISON Yes, and thanks to those ads, we'll have it all paid off in the next few weeks. (beat) Yes...thank you...goodbye. PANEL 64 - Allison hangs up the phone on its cradle, looking down at the table. On the table are two pictures, the contents we cannot see or are blurred. PANEL 65 - POV from under the pictures up to Allison's face. Allison picks up the pictures, with a saddened look. PANEL 66 - POV from above, Allison buries her head in her hands, the (VERY UNDETAILED) pictures before her. PAGE 13 - INTERIOR - CARRIE'S KITCHEN - DAY PANEL 66 - POV shot is the same as 65, but now we have an enraged Carrie, both fist stubbornly down on the table. Carrie has removed all her make-up, but still has her "hair." Her Father has assumed the same position across from her, and the mother is gently sobbing on one side of the table. CARRIE (enraged) Well, I think it's about time we faced facts!! PANEL 67 - Dad shouting at Carrie, from the left of Carrie over to the Dad. DAD (howling) The fact is the I will not have any of your faggot friends turning you into the sissy boy they want you to be! (beat) If I so much as HEAR their queer voices ANYWHERE around you again, there'll be hell to pay outta YOUR hide! PANEL 68 - Reverse Angle. Carrie's shouting at Dad, from the right of Dad. Mom sits in her spot sobbing and coughing quietly. CARRIE (furious) Isn't that just the problem, Dad? It's MY problem to deal with, not my FRIENDS, not YOURS. It's MINE! PANEL 69 - Becky listens in from the cooridor leading into the kitchen. DAD (off screen) And it's mine, too! If word ever got out that I have a faggot for a son... PANEL 70 - Carrie gets realization, a cooler head, and an idea. CARRIE Then it gets out. Besides, it's no longer your problem... PAGE 14 - INTERIOR - CARRIE'S KITCHEN - DAY (CONT.) PANEL 71 - Carrie spins about walking away from the fight. Dad is reaching out to Carrie's shirt. CARRIE I'm moving out. PANEL 72 - Carrie gets roughly pulled onto the top of the table. Dad is lording over him, fist clenching Carrie's shoulder, pinning her down. Mom has rised up is shock. MOM (fearful) JACK! DAD (vengeful) YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. PANEL 73 - Dad tosses Carrie one-armed into a wall, where she lands with a thud. Mother is now racked with more sobs and coughs. PANEL 74 - Dad is standing over Carrie. Carrie is slumped in a sitting position on the floor, looking up at him defiantly. Becky looks on from the cooridor. CARRIE Well, at least now I have good reason to leave... PANEL 75 - From the cooridor, looking out on the kitchen, a weary Carrie walks down. Father is oblivious to Becky's presence, and interested in only shouting at him. A tearful Mother has pulled up near Becky. DAD You leave and you'll never see us again. I MEAN IT. CARRIE If it means being away from you, then it's worth it. PANEL 76 - Over Carrie's shoulder to a very worried looking Becky and Mother. Father has turned his back. Carrie is pleased to hear mother speak. MOM Be careful out there, son.... PAGE 15 - INTERIOR - ALLISON'S LIVING ROOM - EVENING PANEL 77 - Allison opens the door to a very PLAIN WOMAN. She is dressed primarily in black, but has a gold cross necklace and brown shawl. PLAIN WOMAN Hello, my sister. I've come to enquire about your advertisement for a roomate. PANEL 78 - Allison invites her in. ALLISON Yes, please come in! PANEL 79 - The plain woman examines her surroundings on the way to a chair in front of a coffee table with a beautifully blooming set of flowers on it. PLAIN WOMAN What an ornate palace you have here. Surely you have sampled heartily from the Lord's bounty. PANEL 80 - A someone confused Allison replies. ALLISON Well, yes. I'm a small-time interior decorator...I figure if my house looks bad, it's not good for business. PANEL 81 - The Plain Woman turns on Allison, looking deeply into her soul. Allison is dazed, confused and comedically pained as she realizes this is not the roomate for her. PLAIN WOMAN But surely such baubles are here to fill a truly empty void in your soul. (beat) Tell me, Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior? PAGE 16 - INTERIOR - VICTORIA'S LIVING ROOM - EVENING PANEL 82 - VICTORIA, a somewhat large black woman, with jet black straight hair, is joyfully talking to Carrie and Becky, both sitting on a very tacky couch. In fact, the entire house is very tacky. She is dressed up as a very exaggerated version of Columbia from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. VICTORIA Of COURSE you can stay here, sweetcheeks! Stay as long as you need! (beat) It's about time you moved out of that straight laced hellhole and into this old drag's house. PANEL 83 - Becky and Carrie stare at each other nervously. VICTORIA (off panel) Hell, we can have dress up parties and makeovers and slumber parties. It'll be GREAT!! PANEL 84 - Victoria "fashionably" walks out the door with a cheecky goodbye. VICTORIA But I gotta go now, they're having a one time showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Chez Armand! And I'm gonna be a star! PANEL 85 - Becky and Carrie give a worried look at an exiting Victoria. VICTORIA Just don't trash the house while I'm gone! PANEL 86 - Becky and Carrie star at each other again, worried. CARRIE I think I'll be needing to find a new apartment. PANEL 87 - Becky reclines on the sofa as Carrie examines a hanging crystal chime with a burning white candle underneath. CARRIE You won't get in trouble with Dad for being with me, will you? BECKY Nah, Marlene is covering for me by telling Dad she's having a sleep over. She'll just tell Dad I'm in the bathroom or something. PAGE 17 - INTERIOR - VICTORIA'S LIVING ROOM - EVENING PANEL 88 - Carrie moves onto a small cup of powder. BECKY You know, I really admire you standing up to dad the way you did. Mom does, too. CARRIE Lotta good that did. All my stuff is at home and I've got nothing. BECKY Oh, please, the Security Center pays well, and you've got a roof over your head. PANEL 89 - Close up of Becky's mischevious grin. BECKY As for your stuff, you leave that to me. PANEL 90 - Allison sits across from the PATRIOT WOMAN, a large strong muscled woman with a Teamsters shirt on the front and a pin of the American Flag on her collar. Allison looks uninterested in what she's saying. PATRIOT WOMAN And that's how the Trilateral Commission has hounded me for my shoes over the past three years. They NEED my DNA strands from the toenails, since those reproduce the best clones of people. PANEL 91 - Allison looks up into the cieling. ALLISON (thinking) Give me strength! PAGE 18 - EXTERIOR - BEHIND CARRIE'S HOUSE - NIGHT PANEL 92 - It's dark and Becky is sticking out of her two story window, speaking to KEVIN, a burly hunk of a boy who is swooning over Becky in her nightie. BECKY (whispering) You ready? KEVIN (whispering) We are...are you? BECKY (whispering) Just take the boxes and deliver them to the address I gave you. PANEL 93 - Kevin points forward towards an open darkened windows. KEVIN GO! PANEL 94 - The Entire Earl Rudder Middle School Football team assembles together the bottom 1/3 of a ramp leading up to Carrie's room. PANEL 95 - The middle 1/3. PANEL 96 - The final 1/3 is completed and about twenty footballers run up the ramp. PANEL 97 - Twenty men run down with a HUGE load of boxes. PANEL 98 - The ramp disassembles. PAGE 19 - EXTERIOR - BEHIND CARRIE'S HOUSE - NIGHT (CONT.) PANEL 99 - Becky leans out to talk to Kevin. BECKY Thank you! PANEL 100 - Kevin looks up with stars in his eyes. KEVIN As Quarterback for the Earl Rudder Middle School football team I declare that we are at your disposal! PANEL 101 - Becky herself is struck by the dreamy stars. BECKY Men.... PAGE 20 (CONT.) - EXTERIOR - BEHIND CARRIE'S HOUSE - NIGHT PANEL 102 - The Patriot Woman has been replaced by a HIPPIE CHICK. She's wearing unkempt bedraggled hair, a crystal on a necklace and very dark shades (probably covering up her bloodshot eyes). HIPPIE CHICK should all be really free and unheavily cool. I mean that's why I asked if the drugs would bother you... PANEL 103 - The Hippie Chick has been replaced by the AIRHEAD. She's obviously not all there, is wearing too much make up and not enough personality. Too much jewelry and fingernails the length of small skyscrapers. AIRHEAD ...and when it didn't bother Raoul, like, I told him that I'd just be going to the mall for another pair of shoes and, like, he just freeeked! You know how it is, boys just don't understand! PANEL 104 - The Airhead ahs been replaced by a TREKKIE in full Starfleet Regalia, Spock ears. she is also unbearably fat and possibly even a bit sweaty. TREKKIE I mean, if we DO understand the Prime Directive, we simply CANNOT get involved in the internal affairs of primitive peoples... PANEL 105 - The Trekkie has been replaced by HEIDI, a dominatrix in leather with a cat-o-nine tails whip in her hand. she is sensuous, beautiful and perhaps even a bit charming. But the collar with the lock on it shatters the innocent look on her face. HEIDI ...and my affairs are anything but primitive. Pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain... they both dance forbidden dances, slowly intertwining their waltzes until both are one. And they both grow in intensity until... PANEL 106 - The Dominatrix has been replaced by a Trucker Woman. Typical un-feminine looking woman in flannel and ski-vest. Very muscular and probably a bit unhygenic, too. The centerpiece is dead. TRUCKER WOMAN ...that chunk of ice on the compressor was as big as my fist! Damn near was blockin' so much of the pipe, that the air hoses were chokin' on it. PANEL 107 - Allison looks up in disgust. ALLISON (Sigh.) PAGE 21 - INTERIOR - VICTORIA'S HOUSE - VARIOUS LOCATIONS - NIGHT PANEL 108 - Victoria puts a needle on a record. SONG: LITTLE BLACK DRESS (runs inderneath all panels).
[The script ends incomplete at this point]
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