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A Different Perspective


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Early Comic Drafts
Roommate Wanted May 1996 June 1996 June
Rocket's Red Flare May
Dolari.Net History

After "A Different Perspective" ended, and the larger  story began to form in my head around late 1993, I decided to sit down and make "final" designs for Allison and Carrie, who, by this time, had finally switched names.

While preparing the 1995 version of A Different Persepctive, Dove Sherman redesigned most of the characters. While we ended up not going ahead with this version of Closetspace, most of Dove's designs remain, especially Carrie's penchant for big earrings.

Dove's version of a nice conservative Allison, a counter point to the very lively Carrie.  It was about this time that Dove came up with a better name for the story, "Closetspace."

Dove's version of Victoria. The last picture is her version of Victor, Victoria's male alter-ego. I never really came up with a design for Victor, and so her designs pretty much stand (assuming that Victor wears a wig or toupee as his male alter ego)

The two pictures of a white Victoria were drawn before I mentioned that Victoria was black. A neat little trip into an alternate world for Victoria that ended up as another character, her( sweetheart "Vixen."

Dove's version of Jason, Carrie's male alter-ego. Jason was a character I never really thought to draw, and Dove came up with a design so good, I still use it.

Dove's version of Jack, Carrie's father.  he was another character I wrote, but never designed, so Dove took the reigns for this one as well.

Dove: "Carrie gets her pretty eyes from her dad."

Unfortunately, the move to Pennsylvanian in 1996 put the kibosh on this version of the webcomic, although Dove did make one of her own, Talkin.

After a layoff in 1997, I puttered around with drawing my own version of Closetspace, and tinkered around with some designs.  This was meant to be a title picture for the webcomic, and while the '97 version never materialized, it DID show up as a print made specifically for the 2004 Trinoc Convention, and as the CS Icon on this website.

After another layoff in 2001, I had planned to bring Closetspace back as a webcomic, and went so far as to put up "Coming Soon" pages with this picture as a page icon.

An alternate version of the icon pic for the 2001 version of the comic.  It was resurrected for the 2002 version, and is sat in the little control panel on early versions of this page.

The final design work for the 2002 Version of Closetpsace was done in January 2002 for the first episode, showing an older Allison and Carrie.  I drew the first episode shortly afterwards and the rest...well...thanks for reading the results of eleven years of effort.  It makes each episode just that much more special to me.  ::grin::

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