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For the 1st anniversary of A Wish for Wings, I offer the evolution of the story, as told from my Livejournal, back in September of 2001. From Start to Finish in nine days. September 2002 notes are in a bolded font.

Developing the Characters
Making the Comic
The Cadre of Angels and the Shadow Society

Original Outlines

October, 2002

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Sunday, September 30th, 2001

1:59p - Deep down, I always thought it was a metaphor


Working title (and definitely NOT a final title): "A Wish for Wings that Work"

"When I was younger, I used to believe that my wings simply never sprouted. I knew my halo was there even if I couldn't see it. I'd look up, and my halo would move with my head. But I was so sad my wings never came in."

"My mother used to call me her angel, so I knew I was right. She stopped calling me that when I grew up. She even told me to stop thinking I was an angel. But I knew, deep in my heart, I always was one."

"My name is Andrea. And I'm an angel. I think."

And I've already got a climax and an to fill in the blanks.....


I did something I hadn't done in almost ten years. I went to the San Antonio Animation Society meeting. I had joined the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization back around 1989, and got to know most of the artist there pretty well. Eventually, I became the tape librarian for a few years, and when the group became Fans of Animation in South Texas (FAST) I really got involved, bringing in my own VCR, TVs and even tapes to show. Eventually the group petered out to nothing and we went from over 400 people gathering in a deluxe four story apartmetn party room, to ten people watching an hours worth of Japanese cartoons at a Mr. Gatti's. I went to the last even they did.

Today, some twelve years later, I went back. I only saw four people there I recognized from the old group. One has grown up from the little kid he was when I went, two were virtually unchanged, and one was very old, grey and bald. The other fifty or so people were completely new.... It was very nice to see all the fresh faces, most watching TV, others playing video games, and even more drawing comics.

The group is much less "regulated" than the old C/FO and FAST was. Only one of the four there seemed to recognize me, and that was a welcome relief. I had rubbed much of the group the wrong way, being a brash young woman who was so full of herself and thinking she would revolutionize the comics industry (Did I ever get published? A few a support group mag :) ). So I played a few rounds of Capcom VS SNK 2 (yes, I can't get away from that game), and Super Puzzle Fighter. And then was treated to abeautiful story which I think gave me my brainstorm: Risky/Safety. It's a story about a soultaker and angel in training.

I left when the group dispersed around 10PM, full of energy and vibes...all the while in the back of mind, this story began to churn. It began to split into two about a woman who thought she was an angel, and another about an angel who wanted to be human. The second one would have been injected into Polychron Chapter 3.

After a LONG talk with Aadroma the story solidified as a stand alone, not connected to the Polychronicon. I was surprised to check into the back of my mind to start setting up this story, when the character was already there. I asked her who she was and I got that introduction you see above. Except that she told me she thought her name might be Ariel. She was thingking about it. I began to think of an ending, when she supplied me with one right off the back. As well as a climax. She even decided to rename herself Andrea (After choosing between Ariel and Sylvia). Right now she's in the back of my mind, constructing her story...I'm looking forward to experiencing it.

I may make a webcomic out of this. Something that I can BUILD from SCRATCH into a web comic. I need another name for the strip, though...."A Wish for Wings that Work" is an old Bloom County TV special.


[PS Please forgive ALL my's late, and I'm exhausted from so much story work)

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Webcomic! *is somewhat addicted to webcomics... just a wee bit... um... yes...*

Do post the URL when it goes up. *grins* I promise readership....
Re: wheee!
Well, for a really sneak peek, take a look at near the middle. It's a very rough sketch. :)

Eventually, I'm hoping it'll be on Keenspace, but if all else fails, it'll be weekly on

Monday, October 1st, 2001

11:59p - No, I'm just trying to understand the culture, not destroy it.

So i've been sitting here...waiting for this stupid machine to reload several times over...and I've been nursing this little egg of a story in my head.

I've seen Andrea as a little girl, going on tiptoes trying to see her halo in the bathroom mirror. [You can see this shot in episode #3, minus the halo] She's a cute little girl with dead straight long hair...maybe six years old. I've also seen her all grown up. Very statuesque, thin with short blonde hair. A first for me. Most of my girls have very long hair. She wears little to no makeup, and is very lonely.

Young Andrea lives in a beautiful two story house, filled with antiquities...and mother who loves her dearly. There is no father I know of. The older Andrea lives in an apartment in a terrible part of town, in a small dark sparse apartment.

Young Andrea has a little "friend," a small black boy about her age who has a love hate relationship with her. He thinks her quest is silly, and tries to help out through the years as they grow up. And he will, he really will. [This character has since disappeared, and been rewritten as Iblael, a future antagonist]

I've also gotten a few hints at the story she is making...and while I used to think we'd only see the little Andrea at the beginning, I'm beginning to think we'll see her grow up into an adult, instead of just zooming through the years or flashing back. The things I've been shown so far, are amazing. I wish I could have it all planned out so I could start drawing it up...but it's not done yet.

She's also given me two extra stories as sequels, with the "middle" one optional since it might tread a bit too close to another story I've read.

I'm really excited at the story, and want to see more. This is the fastest a story has "clicked" since I wrote Closetspace. I may have a sketch of young and old Andrea by tomorrow. I'm getting the drawing itch....

I still have no name for the story. I'm considering "The Last Angel" and "A Wish for Wings that Work" just won't go away...I can't use it, but it sure looks nice. :)

Oh...and I can see her with the wings she wants. She's beautiful....

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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2001

11:59p - I certainly will not be the only person to feel the need to respond to this.

The rest of the day was spent working on the Angel Story...another set of titles have popped up: "The Best of Both Worlds" "Wind Beneath my Wings" "Wingspan" and "Gunfight at the OK Corral." I'm still up for titles from the peanut gallery, if y'all have any other title ideas.

I was thinking about how I would dress up this character. What would a woman who thought she was an angel wear? I mean, sure, she could do the whole wrapped in white linen gown stuff, but that doesn't bode too well as a waitress (She told me today she worked as a waitress), or walking down the street to get I couldn't figure out what kind of clothing she'd wear. I asked her myself, but all she came up with was the Typical Angel Garb.

So I sat down to think about what to do with her, and turned on the TV for background noise. Immediately, I hear the Three Stooges theme song. I'm not a big fan of the Stooges...I can find them funny, yeah, but I only take it in small doses. Anyways, I look at it, and basically, God (played by Moe of all people) is telling Shemp he has to go back and reform Moe and Larry. God's secretary walks up, and she's wearing the Typical Angel Garb, but it's done in a very 40s flair, belted more akin to a skirt and blouse. And that fabulous 40s hair. Is it just me or did the 1940s have some seriously dapper outfits? Female AND male?

Whle moving around some stuff downstairs, I found some quincan~era dolls my mom is going to give to my cousin in a few weeks. They were three angels, dressed int heir Sunday finest. IT was very fairytale looking, but with some slightly more simple lines, and a lot less frills, you'd have somehting you can wear everyday....

But it was this picture (scroll down to 11:35PM) on Eliza's page that popped me in the head. It's a reallly ruffled tanktop. And a bloused out skirt...maybe made in to flared shorts. Perfect around-the-house-I-think-I'm-an-angel-we ar.

Other news on the Angel Story front is the next door neighbors kid's name is Roger. Originally he told me it was Franklin, but we decided that we should nix that idea...Franklin was the black kid on the Charlie Brown strip, and considering Roger is also black, I decided against the name. He came up with Roger on his own. He has a father, but no mother. The father doesn't like Franklin hanging out with Andrea...this needs some serious exploring.

I also say down and sketched out the characters...Young Andrea looks very cute, and a lot like my Unofficial Niece Hanna, which seriosuly rocks because Hanna's personality fits Young Andrea so well that I don't doubt my subconscious latched onto her when the charactrers formed up. I drew out Grown Andrea as well, and her hairstyle is really hard to I know why all my characters have long hair. :)

Some strangeness that came from the doodling session, though, was Middle Andrea, who just simply popped up from nowhere and told me to draw her. I see now why Older Andrea needed short hair, and Young Andrea had long hair. There's a story with Middle Andrea forming.


And that's my day in a nutshell. I'm really digging this whole Angel Story. I love watching a story unfold...especially one that I can seriosuly mold into something that can be started inside of a month.


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Wednesday, October 3rd, 2001

5:51a - No ordinary shmoe can just walk up here and start dealing.
(silently reciting
under her breath)

I want to be an angel,
And with the angels stand
A crown upon my forehead
A harp within my hand.

(from a quote by Urania Locke Bailey)

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Okay, peeps. I can't do an official poll since I don't have a paid account (not yet, anyways...believe me, as soon as I get ANY money, I'm planning on buying a permanent place in Livejournal), so I'd love for you to vote by leaving a comment on this entry.

What do you think would be a good title....

A girl grows up believing she is an angel without wings.

"When I was younger, I used to believe that my wings simply never sprouted. I knew my halo was there even if I couldn't see it. I'd look up, and my halo would move with my head. But I was so sad my wings never came in."

"My mother used to call me her angel, so I knew I was right. She stopped calling me that when I grew up. She even told me to stop thinking I was an angel. But I knew, deep in my heart, I always was one."

"My name is Andrea. And I'm an angel. I think."

A Harp Within my Hand
A Wish for Wings that Work (This is the title of an old Bloom County TV Special)
A Wish for Wings
Angel Andrea
Earth Angel (This is the title of a song)
Grounded Angel
The Best of Both Worlds (This is the title of a Star Trek Next Generation episode)
The Last Angel
The Lonliest Angel
Tilted Halo
Wind Beneath My Wings (I think this is the title of a song)
Wings (Also the name of a TV series)

And, of course, any titles you can think of that you think would fit.

There are no winners in this poll...just a hint at which way I should be pointing to for a title. Personally, I'm leaning real heavily towards "A Harp within my Hand" and "A Wish for Wings."

But I suck with titles. :) The original eight titles of the Polychronicon were pretty silly. Closetspace used to be known as "A Different Perspective." I can do episodes titles, but not series titles. :) At least, not well....

What do you, the viewer at home, think?

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"The Wish for Wings"?
"Guardian Angel"?
I love the way the story is sounding, and I can't wait for it to take shape. As for the title, my vote would have to be for "Wingspan." It evokes not only the image of wings, but wings that are spread and ready for flight. Watch a large bird, like a swan or a pelican, spread its wings some time. It's genuinely awe-inspiring.


9:01p - When you die, your soul is released into the network to guide little packets on their way to their destination. Or, if you've been bad, you're put to work lettering documents in one of the printers.

Young, Teenage and Older Andrea.

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11:59p - We're bringing the risks of online banking to projectile weaponry.

The rest of the day was working on the story...there is now a third and fourth character forming. Perhaps both will be later combined. Anyways, as of right now, her name is Celeste. The other is a male, Andrew. Andrew will definately cause some story will Celeste. [Celeste eventually became the character Hanna, named from the daughter of a friend. Andrew eventually became Michael (not the Angel, but the character Andrea mentions in the second episode)]



2 votes for "A Harp Within My Hand"
2 votes for "A Wish for Wings That Work."
1 vote for "The Wish for Wings"
1 vote for "Tilted Halo"


"Angel's Hair"


"Angel's Hair & Baby's Breath"
"Angelfood Cake"
"Fallen Angel"
"Falling Angel"
"From Heaven"


"Healing Power of Obnoxiousness"
"Immaculate Misconception"
"The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Angels"
"Tim Burton's Angeljuice."

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Personally, I'd like to see a separate story on "Tim Burton's Angeljuice." It sounds delightfully macabre ... :)

wahl ... I suck at titles too ... but for some reason "Andrea Angel" sticks in my mind.

Of the existing choices, I'd vote for .... ummmmm...

*stressing over having to decide*


But ... that has an overtone of eerie Goth wisps of grace through fallenness. Does that make sense? It make have a connotation other than what the finished product will deliver.

so ... an alternate ...

*stressing again*
(did I ever mention that I almost never have favorite characters in books, movies or tv shows??)

Tilted Halo

Only because the other top choices sound more like a children's story, or a parable or something along those lines. Of course, if that's what it's gonna be, then I'd go with ...

*aw geez*

The Wish for Wings

Probably due to the fact that I am a rabid Bloom County fan/addict/freak ... but it's so close to A Wish for Wings That Work that it might have to be changed a little more, I dunno, I'm a bit sensitive to things like plagiarism ...

so howzabout "Wishes for Wings" or something similar? Does Andrea have frequent wishes for wings, or just one?

There's just too much to consider. Sheesh ... makes ya wonder how I ever write a headline, doesn't it?????

hope that helped :)

no ... wait ... how about "Wishing for Wings?" I really really like that one. Yeah.

d'ya see now why I chose to refrain from answering your request for assistance? ;)

'A Harp Within my Hand' at least is a great sounding working title.

Strangelv, who really needs to get back to worlking on the background for _Incomplete Backup_ or trying to find mus-icians for _See No Evil Hear No Evil Stop No Evil,_ but is too busy attempting to code in C++, which he is not fluent in...

Thursday, October 4th, 2001

6:06p - Earth is dangerous. Maybe we should sue the manufacturer.

5 votes for "A Wish for Wings" (Votes for "A Wish for Wings that Work" have been moved here)
3 votes for "A Harp Within My Hand"
3 votes for "Tilted Halo"
1 vote for "Andrea Angel"
1 vote for "Seraphim"
1 vote for "Tim Burton's Angeljuice." ::sigh::
1 vote for "Wingspan"


"Angel's Hair"
"Lost soul"

TENTATIVE ALTERNATE TITLES (Maybe future episode titles):

"Angel's Hair & Baby's Breath"
"Angelfood Cake"
"Celestial Exchange Program"
"Fallen Angel"
"Falling Angel"
"From Heaven"
"Grounded Angel"
"Heaven's Prisoner"


"Halo: The Wings of Fate" (No.)
"Healing Power of Obnoxiousness" (No.)
"Immaculate Misconception" (Rejected only because I (and Andrea) don't really know if she is a true angel or not, and the title might be seen as definitive)
"L'Angelique" (Name of a person who has been evil to me)
"My So-called Halo." (No.)
"The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Angels" (No.)

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er ...if that solitary vote for Tim Burton's Angeljuice is the result of my musings ... feel free to remove it from the list of names with votes ... I'd vote for it if the story were about something totally different. I'd just wanna explore his perception of angeljuice, whatever that might be ... something strange ... but definitely not anything to do with Andrea :)

so if ya wanna take it off the list, oh please do so :)
Re: ...angeljuice?!
I would take it off the list, but I've decided the title I wanna use. And the next two titles for the sequels, shouyls there ever be any.

Please don't get mad at me for the next entry. ;)
Re: ...angeljuice?!
Mad? Mad?


I thought it was funny! :) And very silly, which I appreciated. I have a defiviency of silly in my diet...

Friday, October 5th, 2001

4:15p - Sorry, that's ham-speak for Russian over-the-horizon missle early warning radar which splatters into the SW bands so that it sounds like there is a woodpecker pecking away in your speakers, overpowering Dr. Laura.

From Elenderel:


>er ...if that solitary vote for Tim Burton's Angeljuice is the result of my musings ... feel
>free to remove it from the list of names with votes ... I'd vote for it if the story were
>about something totally different. I'd just wanna explore his perception of angeljuice,
>whatever that might be ... something strange ... but definitely not anything to do with
>Andrea :)

>so if ya wanna take it off the list, oh please do so :)

I would, but...we have a winner in the title contest!!!

[Sadly, the picture no longer exists, but was the Animated version of Lydia in Angel colors with the title "Tim Burton's Angeljuice"]


Okay okay....the real title and a splash picture will be up in a few days.... :)

Please stop hitting me. :)

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11:59p - you'd think they'd never seen a man with a plant before.
And the title is...

Picture removed cause I could do so much better.
[The above sketch was what was originally here.]

I'm not particularly happy with this pic...but then again, I'm never happy with any of my stuff. So I'll post it anyways, and hope to high heaven I get better between HERE and THERE.

Two sequels to this story have presented themselves...those titles will be "Tilted Halo" and "Harp Within My Hand."

I've also started planning out the basic gist of the story. Originally it would have been pretty linear, starting with Young Andrea as she grows up. I've decided to spice it up a bit and have Andrea mostly writing bits and pieces of her life story. So we'll be able to backtrack to Middle Andrea, then Young Andrea and Grown Andrea....this way we can get to know everyone faster. It'll still be mostly linear, though, starting with Young Andrea, with more flashbacks, and out-of-sequencing stories coming later.


The rest of the day was spent drawing, and redrawing, the above poster. I haven't drawn anything straight from "memory" in forever. usually I pose with a digital camera and draw from that...but I can see that my style has seriously deteriorated in the decade since I've given up on comics. I'm hoping I can regain some of the style I had before...I'm way outta practice.

I was considering doing the daily strip in color, but after today, no thanks. :) It took longer to color the drawing than to draw I'll stick with B&W. Maybe grey tones....maybe.

BTW, the Angeljuice thingy was made with the font "Xtraflexidisc" which you can find at

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Wow. Cool. :) Go Jen!

Thanks! :)

I really didn't like the picture I originally I re did can see it farther up. Man, I hope I can get this going. :)

Saturday, October 6th, 2001

4:02a - We can always teach the kid to have emotions.
I think I know what is inspiring this story.

My computer is in my dad's office...which my mother (surprise, surprise) has taken over. Right now The Mexican Martha Stewart (I say this with utmost Mom is one helluva craftswoman) is making a whole bunch of quincan~era (Sweet 15/Debut Party for you non-Mexicans) table decorations. I count eighteen angels staring at me. EIGHTEEN.

When eighteen angels are staring at you, it's best not to argue with them. :)


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5:22p - I would sooner date a Republican!
I removed the picture. Why? It really sucked. I've already started redrawing it, and it's MILES better. It will be up tonight.

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11:59p - And I always trust what I find outside my hotel room door.
Take two:

[The version originally on the page was colored and lettered.]

Much better......

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Oooo.. niiiiice.....

I need to 3d render that ;)

Please do!

All I ask is that you keep a (c) 2001 Jennifer Dolari in a visible part of the image.

I'd love to see it. :)
heheh... I'll see what I can do :)


[The render was never done]

MUCH better ...

See? You can do it ^_-

Just wait. :) It gets better tomorrow. :)

Everyone gets a little teaser as to what is coming, most likely in December. :)

Sunday, October 7th, 2001

11:59p - "Cres" is the phrase's plural subroot modifier. "Cent" is the pronoun's past bicuspid singular predicate. "Fresh" is the dual adjective conjunctive prefix. As in, "HEY! Check out these crescent fresh skulls in my salad!"
I woke up Staurday, alive, refreshed and in a general good mood. I didn't get out of the room, however, and just kinda lounged around. I got on the internet using my Dreamcast and went over to the Livejournal plage to look at the picture of the Andreas...and to my suprise...IT LOOKED HORRIBLE.

Some people would blame the Dreamcast...I mean, c'mon, a video game system being used to browse the internet and show it on your TV? YUCK! But it wasn't the colors or was the one problem that has hounded me since I put pen to paper. I CANNOT do symmetry.

The right side of a face never matches the left...the eyes don't match. Which is why 99% of the time, I never draw a person staring directly at the viewer...but the picture demanded that someone look right into the eyes of the viewer. The face was way too relaxed and Andrea looked stoned. The hair was drawn too shaggy. Older Andrea looked very fat. Meh. I erased it.

I began drawing up a new one, in a much more anime style...and decided to do a more gradual lightening of Andrea's hair...three colors per element. I only got as far as redrawing the head when I decided I needed to really get up.


Thankfully, I managed to get away for a second, and grabbed my sketchbook. I finished up the sketch, and inked it up...and I noticed my uncle's little girl was watching me. I gave her a few sheets of paper, and she worked on some drawings too. It was stuff you'd see from a seven year old, but very very cool. She loves drawing, and I hope she keeps it up better than I did.


Everyone went to bed, except for me. I scanned the picture in and then realized I didn't like that one neither. Eyes were still skewed, heads didn't look right, and I came THIS close to deleting it and starting over again...until....

One day, in State College, Deener took a buncha pictures of me, holding a stick. I wanted to scan those in and draw in a lightsabre. Deener made a quote along the lines of "You're not ILM."

Like heck I ain't. ;)

I looked over the image. I raised up Older Andrea's head, cloned an eye here, and moved an eye there. Reshaped a face and POW, I love it. :) Colored it in, made it all nice and posted it. It ROCKS. I also gave people who helped in naming the series a present.



Around 10PM I started working on a test strip for A Wish for Wings...just to see what I could do storywise. I had always written for a full fledged 28 page comic, with scripts and drafts...this time, I was just putting pen to paper and trying to stick it all in three panels per day. So I figured, what the heck, let's just fly with the pencil, edited it in Paint Shop Pro (lots of cloning, moving and tweaking) again, did some cheapo greyscale shading and threw it all into Pagemaker.

Imahe removed becuase it's been lovelingly updated. Look up to October 9th, 11:59 PM
[The original sketch here was the basis for the three panels that appeared here]

I still need to figure out why the panels aren't coming up correctly from Pagemaker...but this little experiment has taught me I need to make tha panels I actually draw MUCH bigger, since the penstrokes are WAY too thick. Plus it looks too much like Jackie Chan Adventures, so I need to add more detail, maybe some photorealistic textures for the walls and backgrounds to try and get a more detailed look to it.

I'm not ILM indeed.... :)

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Monday, October 8th, 2001

11:59p - When it comes to dairy confectionaries, I accept NO substitutes...SIR.
Hey, Elenderel! Andrea is left-handed!

No entry'll see why tomorrow. :)


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some thoughts from a lefty
Way cool! What's her handwriting like? Is she good with scissors and can openers? How long'd it take her to learn how to tie her shoelaces ... or does she use velcro? What kind of pencil does she use to write/draw with, if she draws -- different kinds leave different smears on the edge of the hand. If she's anything like me, she is completely incapable of starting a lawn mower, no matter how strong she is. Are her parents or grandparents lefties? (My father was, as were both my maternal grandparents ... and so is my nephew.) How aggravated does she get with those one-piece desks at school that are right-oriented? Is she the type to seek out the leftie-only websites to order the left-handed measuring cups and ladles, or does she not care? Is she remotely concerned about driving a manual transmission car (the stick's on the right)? Does anyone pick on her for her leftiness? Do refrigerator door handles make her crazy? If she has a computer, does she share it with righties who insist on switching the mouse around?
Re: some thoughts from a lefty
Meh, AOL isn't allowing me to post this really long subjkect because AOL is a wimpy internet provider. My shell account limits me to a certain numbe rof lines to'm gonna break this up. Here goes. :)

>Way cool!

Yeah, I kinda thought so, too. When I first looked in on her, and asked her to show me the intro she had in mind, she reached up to her wings with ehr left hand, then later, threw an object favoring her lefthand. And flat out asked her why, and she mentioned she was left handed. Funky, eh?

Plus this can really get into cool stories where "Lefties are considered unholy, or evil or at least un-angelic."

I had a friend anmed Victoria who was ambidexterous...but originally was left handed. Her family was very religious and refused to let her use her left hand. Y'all really get picked on, you know that? :)

(Reply to this) (Parent) (Thread)

Q&A with Andrea Pt 1 :)
As for your questions, I think I'll let Andrea answer them herself. I need to figure out her writing style as it is. :) She'll be writing in Italics.

Hi. Um...thanks for the questions. I'm not really used to this, but I'll try and answer them. I'm still learning most of these things myself.

>What's her handwriting like?
I think I have some really awful handwriting compared to my friends. It's very large and loopy and slants to the right. I try to make up for it by writing in cursive all the time.

>Is she good with scissors and can openers?
I can't stand scissors. When I was a little girl, my mother bought me a set of rounded left handed scissors. As I grew up, I used to buy left handed scissors, but made sure that my rounded ones were where I could always get to them, because, well, you know how scissors dissapear. About three years ago I simply gave up them and started using X-Acto knives.
Q&A with Andrea Pt 2 :)
I have a right handed electric can opener my mom left me. It took me a while, but I learned how to use it. I point the handle away from me, put the can in with my right and push down on the handle with my left. It's annoying, but it works. I keep saying I'm gonna buy a left handed one...but I'm just too busy.

>How long'd it take her to learn how to tie her shoelaces ... or does she use velcro?
I learned to tie my shoes when I was a kid, but I hardly ever wear shoes with laces. When I do buy shoes with laces, I like to take them out...then I usually take the laces, tie them together and play with them. :)

>What kind of pencil does she use to write/draw >with, if she draws -- different kinds leave >different smears on the edge of the hand.
I usually write with a standard #2 pencil, and I really don't know how to draw very well, unless stick figures count. I don't know if you write like this, since I really don't know any other left=handed people, but I hunker over my paper and write with my forearm almost hugging the outside of the paper.
Once, while I was at school, a teacher asked me to write an answer on our overhead projector with one of those dry erase type markers they use. I got about two words in before I realized I was erasing my own answer.
Q&A with Andrea Pt 3 :)
>If she's anything like me, she is completely incapable of starting a lawn mower, no matter how strong she is.
My mom never let me mow the lawn, she always did it herself because her lawn was her pride and joy. After she died, I tried to get people to do the lawn for me, since I really didn't know how. When I lost the house, my only relief was I'd never have to try and start that thing again.

>Are her parents or grandparents lefties? (My father was, as were both my maternal grandparents ... and so is my nephew.)
I don't know too much about my family, but as far as I know, I'm the only one. But I only really know another uncle and his son.

>How aggravated does she get with those one-piece desks at school that are right-oriented?
I used to see those on TV, but I never had one myself. The ones we had in elementary school were tables and seperate chairs. In middle and high school, they were these chairs welded into tables. So I never had any more problems than anyone else did.
Re: Q&A with Andrea Pt 3 :)
Lucky you!! My school just had the one-piece chair and desk units, and maybe if I was lucky there'd be a token lefty desk in a classroom. More often than not, though, I had to contort myself to be able to use the book-sized desktop surface. Maybe the world's advancing with baby steps, after all :)
Re: Q&A with Andrea Pt 3 :)
Book sized? No...there were somewhat big desks. Thet table part of it was about the size of an open tabloid newspaper.

I don't think Andrea has gone to college, though, and I had those desks in college. How in the heck any lefty got work done in those things baffles me. :)
Q&A with Andrea Pt 4 :)
>Is she the type to seek out the leftie-only websites to order the left-handed measuring cups and ladles, or does she not care?
I had a bad experience with the Internet when I first got onto it at a friends house. I don't think I'll need to use it again. This is the first time I've used the Internet since then, and I never used it again in my story.
I don't have any left handed ladels or kitchen tools, just the ones mom gave me, which she said used to belong to my grandmother. I never knew my grandmother, but I hope I'm doing her proud.

>Is she remotely concerned about driving a manual transmission car (the stick's on the right)?
If I do get a car, it will probably be an automatic. No one ever taught me to drive a stick-shift, and...frankly...I'm a little intimidated by cars and buses. I walk or bike to work when I can, and take the bus when it rains. I will probably need to get a car one day, but right now, I'm too busy trying to make ends meet.

>Does anyone pick on her for her leftiness?
My friend Roger used to pick on me for being lefthanded a lot. He used to tell me angels couldn't be left handed because lefties were evil. He wasn't really going on about me being left handed...he just thought that I was silly for being an angel.
Q&A with Andrea Pt 5 :)
>Do refrigerator door handles make her crazy?
No, why should they?

>If she has a computer, does she share it with righties who insist on switching the mouse around?
I have a computer, and it's an older one. I use it for working around the house mostly. I do my budget on it, I write letters to friends on it, I play some games mom bought me as a kid. It doesn't have a mouse, though, and it's not as fancy as the one Jenn uses.
Jenn tells me, though, that her mother is right handed, but uses the mouse with her left hand. How strange is that?

Wow, that was fun? Can I do it again?
Re: Q&A with Andrea Pt 5 :)
Wow, that was fun! Can I do it again?

I need a better ISP first. :)
Re: Q&A with Andrea Pt 5 :)
The thing I've noticed with refrigerators is that they're generally designed to open with right-handed people in mind ... your natural inclination is to reach with the left hand to open it, but the swing of the door goes the opposite direction. Steve's old fridge did not have an open handle on it (meaning, you couldn't wrap your hand around the handle to grab it, but had to pull on a raised horizontal handle that was bolted to the door) and it swung to the right ... I had the hardest time with it. I'd constantly go to open it with my left hand but it just didn't work out until I remembered to use my right hand, but since my right hand's not as strong as my left I had some difficulty opening it. We finally got a new fridge ... one with an open handle that I can come to terms with ... So I was wondering if you ran into the same sort of thing at home.
Re: Q&A with Andrea Pt 5 :)
All my refridgerators have been open handled, and I've really not had any problems with them...but I've never known any other kind. of refridgerator.

In my own life, the opened handled fridges are all I've ever had - until I just moved back home, and it has one of those bolted strips. I can see where they'd suck. :) But I'm willing to forgive it because it makes crushed ice. :)

Tuesday, October 9th, 2001

11:59p - The Shattered Reflection, Part One
And so it begins....

Coming to a web browser near you in December.

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