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The very first sketch of Andrea at Age 7. If you look carefully, you can see that originally she was to have semi wavy hair, then I decided on straight locks. I didn't use this sketch because the hair was TOO straight.

The first attempt at Andrea at Age 27. I was very unhappy with the way she came out, mostly with the hair and how it came to her neck. She is literally the first character I've drawn with short hair.

As I was drawing the Young and Older Andreas, a new character popped into my head, and told me she was Andrea at 17. I quickly sketched her out.

The first sketch of the Young Andrea I was happy with. She changed yet again in a few more sketches, growing her hair MUCH longer.

The first sketch of Older Andrea that I really liked. Eventually, her eyes became larger, but still were meant to look almond shaped.

The first poster created to advertise A Wish for Wings. I loved it when I drew it, hated it the next day. I quickly replaced it with a much better poster. The original was in color, but I have been unable to find the color version.

Originally, A Wish for Wings would have been a daily three panel strip. This was the original panel for the first episode. The wings were going to be digitally copied from one side to the other, and that panel copied again for Panel 3. Episode 1 of the finished series was done as six panels on a full sheet of paper, while this test strip was done as one small strip at the top of a sheet of paper.

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