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Hikari no Tenshi Reiko

Hikari no Tenshi Reiko - Light's Angel Reiko
Kurai Teikoku – Dark Empire
Darurku Emupaiya – Dark Empire

Reiko Chase – Overall hero of the story. Used to be Ryan Chase. Wished to be a hero like his favorite anime hero, Reiko. Reality warps around him and reshapes him and others to fit the characters of Reiko’s fictional world. A selfless hero, that would give anything to protect her city and those she cares about.
Miss Cherri Blossom – Rarely seen Principle of Reiko’s high school really nice person.
Miss Erin Blackstone – Often seen Vice Principle of Reiko’s school. Strict hard ass; She doesn’t like Reiko who is constantly in trouble thanks to her dual life.
Miss Midori Jaye – Reiko’s teacher. Fun personality, tries to cover for her with Erin. One of the few people to know of Reiko’s secret. Apparently has the power to control air. Occasionally tries to help Reiko be a better hero.
Garath – Twin to Miyuko. Agent of the Dark Empire sent to spy on Reiko.
Miyuko – Twin to Garath. Agent of the Dark Empire sent to spy on Reiko. A Master with Potions. The Twins may have been the same person in the real world.
Kamil Cynders – Classmate of Reiko’s. A Silver haired youth, comes from a rich family but doesn’t look or act like it. Doesn’t like to draw attention to himself, but tend to be fairly popular.
Andrei Cox – Classmate of Reiko’s Kamil’s boyfriend. Rather feminine in actions and looks. Tends to be an attention seeker, much to Kamil’s chagrin, and one reason the pair are popular.
Marina – Mousy girl that is often by herself, really shy and introverted. Wears glasses.
Ken – Best friend to Reiko, and her dorky love interest. Vaguely remembers the real world.
Amber – Classmate of Reiko’s. Genre savvy. Wants to be a Pop Star when she grows up.
Kimmy – Classmate of Reiko’s. Obsessed with Doctor Who. May have been male in real world. Is to person people come to when they need help or advice.
Shale Tukalan – Classmate of Reiko’s. Perpetually down on his luck. Jealous of all the heroes and kids cooler then him. Eventually starts dressing up like heroes from his favorite game series to try and join in on all the heroics. Knucklehead hero-type/comedy relief character.
Kagakusha – Neko Mad Scientist. Former pet cat to Ryan. Tends to be bipolar and flits back and forth between wanting to help save the world and rule it herself. Generally a good person deep down.
Funana – Petty thief with powers to control art. But can’t draw worth shit himself, so steals the art of others to use in his wild schemes. Considers himself a superstar artist, but no one else knows who he is.
Silverwing – Semi-Rival heroine, very gadget based. Tends to fight with Reiko, calling her fake because she cheats by using magic.
Ginryuu – A Young Silver dragon that occasionally helps Reiko, son of Ginryuujin. Is in training to be the next protector of this world.
Ginryuujin – Ginryuu’s father, elderly dragon very powerful but good-natured. Massively large, the light from his silver scales brightens even the darkest sky. Not one to be messed with. Guardian dragon for this world; is responsible for giving Reiko her powers.
Reidi Darukunessu – Queen of the Dark Empire
Inazuma Gensui – The Lightning General of the Dark Empire, Father of the Twins.
Jana – ‘Gaijin’. Heroine from outside of New Orleans. Has come to take back Reiko’s wish, to restore the world to balance. Formerly the 8 y/o that wanted everyone to get their wish. Not well liked by anyone when its revealed she wants to destroy their world.
Cael Cynders – Kamil’s father. Silver haired businessman, very wealthy yet humble and friendly.
Angel Cynders – Kamil’s Mother. A Mysterious red headed woman that does a lot of humanitarian deeds. She tends to be a very suspicious character that few outside of her family trust.
Shikome – An occasionally naughty female demon that used to work for the Dark Empire, Now under the protection of Ginryuujin. Still occasionally commits bad deeds.
Mithril – Dark Magical Girl, created when one of the Generals brainwashs Silverwing.
‘Peter’ – Wind or Sound General of the Dark Empire. A Noble Wolf Demon, with a fondness for Earth; He became one of Reidi’s Generals to help protect Earth from her.
? – Rock/Stone General of the Dark Empire. Female. Looks sort of like Erin.
? – ? General
? – ? General
Katherine – A person that usually finds herself dealing with Shikome. May or maynot be another Classmate. Crossdresser
‘Ivy’ – The daughter of Shikome and ‘Peter’, Future classmate, gothic type girl
‘Tyber’ – Bat Demon from the Dark Realm, a master sword fighter of questionable moral.
          My name is Ryan Chase, or well it was until a few days ago. I’m sure you all know of that ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”. Those same few days ago I agreed with that being a curse; but lately, I’m not so sure if its always a curse as those ‘interesting’ times can lead to something so much better and truly interesting.
          “Fufufu you’ll never stop me this time Reiko!” a cute feminine voice calls out from inside a rather strange apparition: A giant calico colored mecha Maneki Neko. The large pot-bellied smiling cat would almost be cute, if it wasn’t tearing up the city with its large beckoning paws.
          Circling its head is an angel-winged purple-hair girl, dressed in what looks like a sexier version of what many shrine maidens would wear. Her main weapon appears to be some kind of staff, which doesn’t seem to be doing much good against the aggressive Maneki Neko.
          “Really Kagakusha, I know you’re a cat and all… But you need to make up your mind! One moment you’re all nice and friendly, and the next minute your trying to knock me around like a bag of catnip.” The angel girl growls softly as she tries to avoid those large paws and distract the Maneki Neko as she tries to find a way to take it out safely.
          “Some days I just really need a giant squirt bottle…” She mutters to her self.
          I’m not really sure how it happened really; I used to be a pretty normal teenaged boy. I was born and raised in New Orleans, lived my whole life there. Those that still remember that world know what that means. ‘Interesting times’ hit the entire city rather hard in August of 2005.
          Katrina was threatening the levees and the better off families were getting the hell out of dodge. My family didn’t have the money to go anywhere; the storm hit at a bad time where we could barely afford to pay our bills and right before the first, when we would have had some disposable income. All my parents and I could do was hope that we would have been safe until Katrina passed. Unfortunately, Hope wasn’t something we could afford either.
          In the streets of New Orleans, people struggle to get to the pick up points where busses could take them to safety as winds and rains batter down constantly and rising water levels deter their efforts. Among these people is Ryan who appears to be about 16, and his parents as they attempt to get to the Superdome for shelter.
          In their efforts, his parents send him ahead so they won’t slow him down and promise to join him soon. Reluctantly he continues on, as the trip becomes harder for his parents. In the Superdome, the boy sits along, as night approaches, his parents still not having arrived…
          Back in what now takes the place of reality, the Maneki Neko pins the Angel girl, pinning her under a large metal paw. “Fufufu! I have you now birdie! With you out of commission I will finally be able to turn the world into a paradise for all cats! Fufufu!” Kagakusha happily exclaims as she traps Reiko.
          “You are being a very bad kitty, Kagakusha!” The girl yells out, obviously frustrated.
          ‘I just had to have had a cat… Didn’t I? If I knew she was gonna turn out to be a schizo I should have asked for a dog, at least they are loyal…’ Reiko thinks to herself before letting out a soft sigh. So much for going easy on her.
          “It’s time I had you declawed, Kaga! Halo Cutter!” Reiko cries out and with her free arm makes a circlet of solid golden light in the air and tosses it at the Maneki Neko’s claw that is pinning her, the magical attack cutting through the metal claws pinning her down, allowing her to escape.
          They say the official death toll was around thirteen hundred or so, though over sixty-six hundred more are still reported missing. My parents are in one of those statistics, and after almost three years it there chances of survival are almost nothing. Once things had died down I was sent to live with my only living relative; An Aunt in San Antonio, Texas.
          Life with my Aunt and her two daughters wasn’t bad. Really it was rather nice, She did all she could to try to help me feel better and make her house feel like home. She would buy me just about anything I wanted that she could afford, and treated me as well as her own daughters. It’s just not easy living with a bunch of girls. Especially not when there is a nagging desire in the back of your mind that you should have been one. You find yourself not so much admiring girls and what they do a wear, but envying them some as well.
          My parents knew about this, but didn’t really understand it. Mom always said that I was just mistaking my feelings for attraction, while Dad dismissed it completely. I really wasn’t about to tell my Aunt about it, and been seen as some kind of pervert or something. It just made things much more frustrating then they should have been.
          One day it just started to overwhelm me, so I left. No, I didn’t run away or anything. I just need to get out of the house and away from them, at least for one night to try and sort myself out and figure out what I needed to do. I went out shopping after borrowing some money from my Aunt. I don’t know why, I but enjoy shopping probably more then some guys should. After a day of shopping I decided to stop by a diner to eat, and that’s when everything changed. Literally.
          Ryan enters a diner and is escorted to a small table across from a nicely dressed couple and their rather bored eight year-old daughter. He sets a small satchel under the table for safekeeping. After placing his order with a rather cute and friendly waitress; Ryan pulls out his newest manga; the latest volume of Hikari no Tenshi Reiko
          As he reads it, waiting for his meal to arrive, he can’t help but to overhear bits of the waitress’ conversation with the young girl after her parents excuse themselves.
          “I’d like everyone on the planet to get their wish.” The girl says.
          Ryan couldn’t help but chuckle at the young girl’s innocence. If only wishes were real, he knew what he’d wish for: to be like Reiko. Then maybe his home and parents would still be there, but just like wishes there were no superheroes in real life.
          The waitress only smirked. “That’s a tall order…I don’t think Earl in the back could cook that up.”
          The eight year old smirked. “Then everyone in the restaurant.”
          “Alright Kaga, your luck’s just ran out! Heaven’s Arrow!” Reiko exclaims, the staff she sues starting to glow with golden light and shifts into a bow that she grips in her left hand. With her right hand, she summons an arrow of pure light, drawing back on the bowstring before releasing it sending the arrow flying towards the Maneki Neko.
          The is a sudden panicked meow as the operator of the Maneki Neko scrambles to get to safety as the arrow pierces the mechanical menace, and light emanates rather beautifully from its joints before it explodes rather spectacularly, and sending a cat girl flying through the air before disappearing into the sky.
          Reiko lands on the ground, and shakes her head. “I’m gonna have to give her a stern talking to the next time I see her…” as her form glows white as the angel wings melt away as Reiko reverts to looking like an average girl, albeit with violet colored hair, tied back in a pony tail.
          She looks down to a cute pink watch on her wrist. “Damn cat made me late for school, again!” she cries out before darting down the street.
          The next thing I remembered was waking up in my room. Well except that it wasn’t my room. It was much more girlish then it ever was, but then so was I; I realized after my bladder made me take a quick trip to the bathroom. If you ever find yourself magically gender changed, that’s probably on the bottom of the list of ‘best ways to find out’ as its not the cleanest way either. Regardless, things are much more interesting now.
          Of course it’s taken awhile to adjust; not just to being a girl, but being a super hero. You don’t get much free time what your having to defend the city from a bipolar cat girl, insane artists, and beings from another dimension that want to cloak the whole world in darkness. Though deep down I have a feeling that a worse threat is coming then all of them combined; a threat that wants to take this all away from me.
          Maybe it’s just the feeling of knowing your going to have to eventually awaken from a dream. But if this is a dream, it can’t end. It just can’t. I have my parents again; New Orleans is in one piece. Almost 80,000 people are still around because of me. To wake up would destroy all that, and I think there are others that know that. I sometimes hear my parents late at night discussion nightmares about a storm and flood that never happened. If the time comes to wake up, I’ll fight it to my dying breathe because I wont let these people go through that horror again…
          “Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap…” Reiko thinks to herself as she enters the school gates at full speed. ‘Stupid cat, always making me late for school, just once can’t she pull her mad plots in the evening?’
          “Late again, are we Ms. Chase?” came the stern voice of an older female in her thirties.
          Reiko winces at the sound of the voice. ‘Figures, I just had to run into her…’

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